Mr. N,

This will be my last response for some time as I will be preoccupied with many different things for the foreseeable future. Don’t say I didn’t give you any warning.

You want to know what times were like here before your time. Well, I must ask: what is the point of knowing that? Aside from your historically curious mind (which is a good thing and should be fostered) what do you hope to gain by knowing how things were? Will you attempt to use this knowledge as a model from which to begin again? Do you hope to find a remnant that can be re-kindled, if only by one soul, yourself? Do you wish to begin a renaissance?

Knowledge of the past can spur one into action, granted, but it can also grind one into the dirt when they realize what has been eliminated and likely never to be found and practiced again. Romantic longing for the past is a dangerous game to play and I fear you are already engaged in it. If I were to tell you of how things were before your time I believe I would be feeding your already curious imagination. It is not in my interest or yours to feed romantic longing of the past.

Instead you should forge ahead into the future. You’ve already got an idea of what the natural order requires of us. Pursue that.

I realize you don’t mean to go back to how things were. You merely want to be entertained by me. I refuse also to entertain. We’ve got enough of that in our world, have we not? Why would you want to be entertained further, even if it is wholesome? These shackles of entertainment are the hardest to dispense with. It follows you everywhere you go demanding you pay attention while at the same time it sucks away your vitality. Willingly we submit. We submit to it faster than we do God, who, on a daily basis demands our attention, and yet we turn away. We turn away because we are taught to.

You ought to be careful examining the past. It can only do so much good. The fact that you’ve asked me to tell you about my time as a younger man already insinuates that you are of the opinion that times were better. That’s all you need to know to move forward.

We won’t write for some time. I’m not sure how long. Until the next time.



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