Mr. GS,

It has rained now for five days straight. The ground is saturated and in many areas there has been flooding. The streams and rivers are overflowing their banks and the atmosphere in general, the mood of everyone is gloomy. Here we are nearing the beginning of summer and everything is sopping wet.

On top of these conditions I read in the news that there was a shooting at a sports rally in the most populous cities in our country. It comes as no surprise really. What we have are thousands of people massed together in a city already plagued with violence, mostly gang related. This wasn’t the case fifty years ago of course.

What was it? A minor disagreement? A lone gunman who saw it as his best opportunity for a target? Or was it gang members who happened to run into one another, and like rival chimpanzee war parties, began to tear one another apart? Were those who were shot innocent bystanders, or members of these primitive gangs? If they were members I say it was good they were shot and hopefully killed. With fewer of them the better off the city will be.

With specifics aside, the point is made clearly: avoid that place; avoid its people.

It is a tragedy that this city has gone the way it has. When you were younger and lived there for a time, what was it like? Why not remind me of its past glory so I don’t plunge too deeply into hopelessness? If time is cyclical one can hold out hope that such a place will return to a different version of its former self. Wouldn’t you agree? Or is this too optimistic?

Regardless I will go about my day doing what I must watching most everything I value get trodden upon by degenerates. How long will it be before watching turns to taking action? Does rage provide us with the necessary fuel to set things right? Or is this chaos part of the natural order, and in time will be corrected naturally? i.e. by letting the situation play itself out? Should we be interventionists, or should we wait quietly in the shadows and emerge to take back what we previously held after the masses have eaten one another?

We are in an unfortunate situation, and I can’t help but wonder what it was like before my time.

Please enlighten me,




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